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The responsibility for purchasing materials and services for the District is centralized in the Purchasing Department. The Purchasing Department shall ensure that appropriate purchasing regulations and procedures are established and published. All District purchasing transactions shall be conducted in an efficient and business-like manner, and shall be based upon the highest standards of fairness, honesty, and integrity.

The Purchasing Department is responsible for providing purchasing services to the District's Divisions and Departments. The primary elements of this service can be summarized as follows:

  • Purchasing the materials or services required.
  • Ensuring that the materials and services are available when required.
  • Purchasing materials and services at prices which are advantageous to the District and the user.
  • Purchasing materials and services without favor or prejudice.

The selection of materials and services to be purchased is the responsibility of the requisitioning Division or Department. The Purchasing Department shall have, however, the authority to make recommendations concerning the purchase of equivalent/substitute items when matters of economy are concerned. Disputes between the Purchasing Department and requisitioning Division or Department regarding the purchase of equivalent/substitute items will be referred to the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services for resolution.

The Purchasing Department recognizes that these difficult economic times require creative ways to maximize savings.

The Purchasing Department assures the District's Divisions and Department that it will purchase materials and services which will satisfy the requisition's requirement. However, the Purchasing Department reserves the right to purchase the required materials or services from suppliers which it selects and considers to offer the most advantageous terms to the District.


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