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Frequently Asked Questions




1.                  Will LLCSD schools reopen in the fall?  

As of now, we are planning on the two models including in person instruction.  We are in close contact with the LA County Department of Health and will take our guidance from them. If things change and we need to return to 100% Distance Learning, we will update parents accordingly. Please note that based on the status of COVID-19 at the time of reopening and the recommendations from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, the LLCSD Virtual Learning Academy may be the only option offered to all students. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as needed.

2.                   When is the first day of school?

The first day of school is Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

3.                  What will school look like in the fall?


LLCSD Instructional Program Daily Schedule

TK/K AM Group

8:15 am - 11:15 am

TK/K PM Group

11:30 am - 2:30 pm

1st - 5th grade

8:15 am - 1:50 pm

6th - 8th grade

8:10 am - 1:45 pm


4.                  How many students will be in a classroom for the Hybrid Program?

Based on guidance from the county - there will be no more than 17 people (including teacher) in a classroom.

5.                  How will families indicate their instructional program preference for next year?

Parents will select their preference of instructional program during the online registration process. The deadline to register is Tuesday, July 21.

6.                  Can I request a schedule? (AM or PM, Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs)

We cannot not take requests for scheduling; however, it is our goal to have siblings on the same schedule.

7.                  Will I be able to change the instructional program option that I have chosen after the first day of school?

Requests to change the instructional program can only be made at the end of each trimester. Requests will only be granted at the end of each trimester if space is available. Space might not be available at the student’s home school.

8.                   Will teachers have office hours?

Yes. LLCSD teachers will schedule daily office hours for both the LLCSD Hybrid Instructional Program and the LLCSD Virtual Academy. 

9.                  Will the same content be taught in the Hybrid Program and the Virtual Academy? 

Yes, the focus will be on the district established essential standards. 

10.              If I select the Virtual Academy as my preference for my child, will my teacher be from my home school?

Depending on staff availability, Virtual Academy teachers may be from different school sites.

11.              What if I change my mind after the July 21 deadline, but prior to school starting?

Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis depending on space in the requested program. Please contact Educational Services. 

12.              Are immunizations required for TK/K registration?

There is no waiver for immunizations.  Immunizations are required.


1.                  Will employees be required to wear face coverings?

Yes, employees will be expected to wear face coverings. The covering is to be worn by the employee at all times while on-site when in contact or likely to come into contact with others.

2.                  Will students be required to wear face coverings?

Yes, all students are required to wear cloth face coverings at all times while on school property except while eating and drinking.

3.                  Will the District provide a face covering for my student?

All students participating in the Hybrid Instructional Program will receive one cloth face covering at the beginning of the school year. Replacement cloth face coverings will be the responsibility of parents/guardians.

4.                  What if my student forgets their cloth face covering for the day?

The District will provide a disposable replacement face covering for the day.

5.                  Will visitors be required to wear face coverings?

Yes, anyone entering school property (school buses as well as school buildings and grounds) who has contact with others (students, parents or other employees) is required to wear a cloth face covering.