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Great news, the Hazel HEART referral link is live! 

 If you have completed the training, you can submit a referral to the  Hazel HEART program starting today. If you still need to sign up for a training, here is the link: calendly.com/rdrouet/mental-health-workshop-lacoe

Until we complete setting up the in-school appointment option, therapy sessions will be scheduled at home.

Referrer Information: 

  • How to Make a Referral: 

  1. Log in to: my.hazel.co/school/referral

  2. Click Mental Health Referral - Refer a Student

  3. Fill out Referral Form 

  4. Submit Form

    • When the Referral form is submitted you are finished! You can track the status of the referral on your web dashboard.

Additional Information: 

Support: Please feel free to reach out at any time. 

Thank you for the partnership!

Marcie Staudenmayer (she/her)
Implementation Manager, Hazel Health  
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