2024 - 2025 New Student Enrollment

2024 – 2025 New Student Enrollment

Enrollment Information

Who Is A New Student?

Your child is considered a new student if they were not enrolled in the Little Lake City School District during the 2023/2024 school year.

If your child is already enrolled in a LLCSD school, you will receive Back to School Registration information in the summer.

Kindergarten Information

Transitional Kindergarten Information

Enroll Today!

Aeries Online Enrollment for New TK/K Students Begins Thursday, February 1

The link on this page is exclusively for the enrollment of BRAND NEW students to Little Lake City School District entering grades TK and Kindergarten. If you are a parent of a returning student, please do NOT use the link below for updating student information for the next school year. All parents of returning students will complete the Data Confirmation in the summer for next school year.

The FIRST STEP is for you to complete the Aeries online enrollment for your new student(s).  You can get started by clicking the button below!

Enrollment Requirements

1 - Proof of Age

2 - Parent Identification

3 - Proof of Residency

We will only accept original billings with your name and your residence address within the Little Lake City School District boundaries dated in the last three (3) months.  Present one (1) of the items listed below in the name of the parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) for resident verification. Please note that the district reserves the right to request additional documentation to establish residency, if needed.

4 - Immunization Records (Must List Month, Day, and Year)

5 - Current Health Exam (TK and Kinder only)

6 - Current Oral Health exam (TK and Kinder only)

Enrollment Contact

Point of Contact
Phone Number
Cresson Elementary School
Maria Gonzalez
(562) 868-6620
Jersey Avenue Elementary
Susana Ramirez
(562) 948-3372
Lakeland Elementary
Teresa Fonseca
(562) 868-8887
Lakeview Elementary
Samantha Mejia
(562) 868-8655
Paddison Elementary
Yvette Bermudez
(562) 868-7741
Maria Alonso
(562) 868-7882
William Orr Elementary
Mireya Carrillo
(562) 868-7988
Lake Center Middle School
Beth Raff
(562) 868-4977
Lakeside Middle School
Nelson Valdez
(562) 868-9422